Who We Are?

Materekeshe Farms: A Legacy of Agricultural Excellence

Early Years and Foundation (1958-1970s)

Materekeshe Farms, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Chesa, Mt. Darwin, Zimbabwe, has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1958 by Gwenhamo Mutangi. Born and raised in Chivi, Masvingo, Gwenhamo Mutangi’s journey from his hometown to the northern reaches of Mt. Darwin marked the beginning of a remarkable legacy in agriculture.

In 1958, Gwenhamo Mutangi, along with his family, made the life-changing decision to purchase a commercial farm in Chesa, Mt. Darwin. This decision was driven by a deep passion for farming and a desire to create a prosperous future for his family. The early years of Materekeshe Farms were filled with hard work, dedication, and the determination to transform the land into a thriving agricultural enterprise.

Gwenhamo Mutangi

1910 – 2008
The Master Farmer & Founder
Last born son of Nyaruvembere and a young brother to Mushayi and Zivanayi

Crop and Cattle Farming (1980s-1990s)

Over the decades that followed, Gwenhamo Mutangi worked tirelessly to develop Materekeshe Farms into a diversified agricultural powerhouse. Crop farming and cattle ranching became the primary focus of the farm’s activities. The fertile soil and favorable climate of Mt. Darwin provided an ideal environment for these endeavors.

In crop farming, Materekeshe Farms cultivated various staple crops, contributing to the local food supply and ensuring food security for the region. Gwenhamo Mutangi’s expertise in crop management and sustainable farming practices earned him recognition as one of the leading farmers in Chesa.

Generational Legacy (2000s-Present)

As the years passed, Materekeshe Farms continued to thrive under the stewardship of Gwenhamo Mutangi’s descendants. The commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices remained a cornerstone of the farm’s operations.

Over time, Materekeshe Farms specialized in stud Boran and Brahman cattle breeding, which are renowned for their adaptability, meat quality, and excellent reproductive traits.

The stud Boran and Brahman cattle, carefully selected and bred at Materekeshe Farms, are now highly sought after in the agricultural community, not just in Zimbabwe but also beyond its borders. These cattle have not only contributed to the genetic improvement of local herds but have also played a vital role in bolstering the beef industry in the region.

Materekeshe Farms has also been a source of employment and economic stability for the local community, providing jobs and supporting the livelihoods of many residents in the area.

Materekeshe Farms stands as a shining example of agricultural excellence and dedication to sustainable farming practices. From its humble beginnings, the farm has grown into a center of excellence in cattle ranching, specializing in stud Boran and Brahman breeds. Through the generations, the Mutangi family’s commitment to the land and their community has ensured the continued success and prosperity of Materekeshe Farms, making it a symbol of agricultural pride in Chesa, Mt. Darwin, and beyond.

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