Our Cattle

Materekeshe Farms

takes immense pride in presenting our distinguished Boran and Red Brahman stud cattle, carefully sourced and imported from some of the most esteemed breeders in South Africa. Our commitment to breeding excellence is unwavering and is fuelled by a deep passion to inspire new farmers and contribute to restocking the national herd with cattle of exceptional pedigree and genetics.

Our first Boran and Red Brahman stud cattle were acquired from renowned breeders from South Africa, including:

Hurwitz Farming

A name synonymous with Boran cattle excellence, Hurwitz Farming is revered for its dedication to producing animals with superior genetics, adaptability, and disease resistance. Their influence enriches our Boran stud herd.

JB Borane

JB Borane's commitment to breeding Boran cattle with outstanding conformation, fertility, and meat quality aligns seamlessly with our mission to maintain top-tier genetics in our Boran stud cattle.

Boran WP

Boran WP is recognized for its tireless pursuit of genetic improvement in Boran cattle. Partnering with them grants us access to invaluable knowledge and expertise in breeding Boran cattle that thrive in diverse environments.

Bos Blanco

Bos Blanco's expertise in breeding Boran and Brahman cattle, with a focus on temperament and adaptability, complements our breeding objectives and contributes to the excellence of our Boran and Brahman stud herd.

Byrne Valley Borans

Byrne Valley Borans' commitment to preserving the purity of the Boran breed while enhancing its performance traits resonates with our goal of maintaining exceptional characteristics in our Boran stud herd.

Coracias Borane

Coracias Borane's dedication to Boran cattle breeding further strengthens our commitment to genetic purity and excellence within our Boran stud cattle.

De Bruyn Brahmane

De Bruyn Brahmane's expertise in Red Brahman cattle adds depth to our Red Brahman stud herd, enriching the genetic diversity and quality of our stock.

Our passion for Boran and Red Brahman stud cattle extends beyond breeding; it is about nurturing excellence. Materekeshe Farms operates in collaboration with renowned international breeders from South Africa, Kenya, the USA, and Australia, bringing a global perspective to our breeding programs. This international collaboration enriches our genetics and ensures that our cattle meet and exceed the highest standards of the industry.

Materekeshe Farms is not just a cattle farm; it’s a haven for quality genetics and a hub for fostering excellence in Boran and Red Brahman cattle. Our commitment to responsible breeding practices is steadfast, and we are proud to offer these exceptional genetics to aspiring farmers and enthusiasts who share our passion for excellence in livestock breeding. Together, we aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the national cattle herd while inspiring a new generation of farmers.

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